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Saturday 29.08.2015


Autocampy Levoča, Kovačová vila (Levoča-direction "Dolina)

    • at 11:00 in the premises of the camp area Levoča. Altitude: 558m..

Starting at one minute intervals. Horse in the hook for the other riders is forbidden
In the area of the Startup Organizer to ensure the possibility of osprchovania for athletes, along with snacks.

    • The glitch. Altitude: 833m.: 275m, elevation above sea level
An award-winning resource:

Any resource with a two-foot drive (road bike, mountain bike, …). The use of electro-bike is prohibited.

And category-MEN
A1 15-18 years
A2 19-29 years old
A3 30-39 years
A4 40-49 years
A5 from 50 years
(B) category-WOMEN
B1 15-18 years
B2 19-39 years
B3 from 39 years
(C) category-KIDS
C1-boys 10-12 years
C2-boys 13-14 years
C3-girls 10-12 years
C4-girls 13-14 years

For the children's category is entry 0 €.

Drivers younger than 18 years can start only with the written consent of the legal representative!


You can login at the premises of (Autocampy Levoča, Levoča) during a presentation
Non-binding application


At the site of the start of the marathon – Levoča, Autocamp Kovačová vila (Office of races)

      • Saturday: from 9:00 a.m. 29.08.2015. 10:45 am.
Entry fee:
      • -payment of 5 € in the presentation of 29.08.2015

Entry fee: the entry fee is included the number, goulash and drink (beer, kofola-on boot), provided basic medical assistance, showers for racers, donations.

Announcement of results:

In the premises of the target after the roll-out of the last racer, about 14:00.


For all participants in the time trials of the distant corners of Slovakia and abroad, who are looking for and at the same time like to welcome them in the vicinity of the opportunity to stay in the period before and during the time we give this way to the attention of accommodation in Levoča in Kovačovej Villa Autocamp. For more information and booking at www.autocamplevoca.sk or by calling: + 421 903 255 440.
GPS: 49.15297 20.598507

Conditions of participation:
      • the helmet on the head during the whole event.
      • start at your own risk
      • the Organizer is not liable for damages resulting from or caused by them to the participants
      • all participants must behave in sport and allow participants to their faster ahead without holding back
      • outside the station, it is forbidden to throw any waste boarding indicated
      • If a participant leaves the track from any causes, must get back on track at the same point as it left the

The conditions and obligations of the parties:

      1.  For a start, the younger than 18 years old complies with its statutory representative of the competitor. In this case we require in the presentation of written consent of the legal representative.
      2.  All login start at your own risk, including preparing for the race.
      3.  The Organizer is not responsible for damage to persons or property incurred by the participant in connection with the race.
      4.  A racer must be equipped with a helmet, which must have a cyklistickou seed on the head during the whole race.
      5. Bib numbers are until the end of the event, the organizer shall not be detrimental to the property and edit them, are tied to the application and are non-transferable to another person.
      6.  The race is held for the full road traffic.
      7. The participant is obliged to abide by the rules of the road, police and organizers of the arbitrators.

8. Garbage is the appropriate vhadzovať to the prepared plastic bags and so neznečisťovať the surrounding area. During the race the packaging with gelóv and sticks used to take with you.

9. Only classified drivers who pass the whole track.

10. Protests can be made in writing immediately after arrival to the finish, but not later than 31 December 2006. 05. 2014 to 16.00 hrs. in the offices of the race when making a deposit of 30 euros, which in the case of ineligibility shall be forfeited in favor of the protest organizers.

11. If the race could not be carried out due to natural disasters, epidemics, or State of emergency, the entry fee is not refundable to the participant.

12.  The Subscriber as well as legal representative to sign the note the responsibility of the competitor/participant/races for damage caused to property or injuries to third parties and damage to persons and property caused by wearing it!

13. The winners of the race winners/raffle, who are not personally present at the awards/raffle prize draw, lose their entitlement to a prize/Prize in the raffle.

14. Participant notes that during race events will be on the track, causing the fotoservis partner of the event. At the same time in this context gives its assent to sending email from a partner event, information referring to zhotovene photos. This consent is valid for a maximum period of 15 days after the end of the event

The driver is aware that his or her signature in the presentation directly before the start of the race, that he is aware and approves agrees with the conditions and obligations in this form in points 1-14.

Your participation will be enjoying the organising team of CYCLO SPIS.

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