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CYKLO SPIŠ, o. z., Pri Podkove 5, 054 01 Levoča, Slovakia
0905 318 187, 0902 120 401


www.cyklospis.sk , cyklospis@cyklospis.sk

Date of the proceedings:

Saturday: 26.05.2018


Resort Levočská Dolina  header-logo

WARNING ! The category of electric bicycles belongs to our MTB marathon!

  • 09:00 – Long track
  • 10:00 – Middle track
  • 10:30 – Short track

Levočská Dolina.
In the goal area, the organizer provides the opportunity to wash bicycles and souvenirs for racers along with refreshments.

Routes and categories:
Long track
MM Men 19 – 39 years 1978 – 1999
MMM Masters B 40 – 49 years 1969 – 1978
MBM Masters C 50 – 59 years 1959 – 1968
MCM Masters D 60 years and more 1958 and sooner
ZM Woman 19 years and more 1999 and sooner
Middle track
JP Juniors 17 – 18 years 2000 – 2001
MP Mens 19 – 39 years 1979 – 1999
MMP Masters B 40 – 49 years 1969 – 1978
MBP Masters C 50 – 59 years 1959 – 1968
MCP Masters D 60 years and more 1958 and sooner
ZJP Girls juniors 17 – 18 years 2000 – 2001
ZP Womans 19 – 39 years 1979 – 1999
ZMBP Womans Masters B 40 – 49 years 1969 – 1978
ZMCP Womans Masters C 50 years and more 1968 and sooner
EEMP Mens – Electro No age difference
EEZP Womas – Electro No age difference
Short track 
Cadets 15 – 16 years 2002 – 2003
Juniors 17 – 18 years 2000 – 2001
Mens from 19 years 1999 and sooner
ZKŠ Girls Cadets 15 – 16 years 2002 – 2003
ZJŠ Girls Juniors 17 – 18 years 2000 – 2001
Womans from 19 years 1999 and sooner
Mountain bonus
On the long track is a mountain bonus for the FRANTIŠKA KOTRÁDY cup.
The first man and the first woman will get a unique cup.

Competitors under the age of 18 may only start with the written consent of the legal representative!



Bank account name: CYKLO SPIŠ
Constant symbol: 0308
Account number (IBAN): SK8011110000001218046006
As Variable Symbol, enter the date of the race in the form of DDMMYYYY. Enter the first and last name in the recipient’s message.
You need to verify that your system has registered your payment and sign-in.

You are considered to be a registered person after receiving the starting and correct assignment to the application form!


At the start of the marathon – Levočská Dolina (Resort Levočská Dolina – Restaurant Rotunda)

  • Friday: 25.05.2018 from 18:00. Until 21:00.
  • Saturday: 26.05.2018 from 07:00 hrs. Until 10:30.
Entry fee:
  • 17 € – When reimbursed until May 15, 2018 – entitled to a souvenir
  • 20 € – When reimbursed until 23.5.2018 – no claim to a souvenir
  • 25 € – On payment during the presentation – no claim to a souvenir

The starting price is: start number, snack on the track, food and beverage at destination, secure basic medical help, souvenirs from sponsors, tombola.

You can collect the proof of payment for your presentation in case of a claim.

Statement of results:

In the target area approx. 16:00 – 16:30


The prizes will receive the first three in each category.


Each race participant will be placed in the tomb. The draw will take place immediately after racing.


For all participants of the MTB marathon from the distant corners of Slovakia and abroad, who are looking for and at the same time welcoming in the near vicinity the possibility of overnight accommodation during the period before and during our MTB marathon, we are paying attention to this accommodation in Levočská Valley. For more information and reservations please visit www.levocskadolina.sk or phone number: +421 911 789 636.
GPS: 49.068164, 20.609014

Terms of participation:
  • Helmet on the head during the entire race
  • Start at your own risk
  • The organizer is not responsible for any damages incurred or caused by the participants
  • All participants must behave athletically and allow faster participants to get ahead without hindrance
  • It is forbidden to discard any waste outside the designated refreshment stations
  • If the participant leaves the track for horses, he must return to the track at the same point as he left

Terms and obligations of participants:

  1. Submitting the application through the Internet and paying the starting fee will replace the subscriber’s written signature on the paper application.
  2. The legal guardian is responsible for the start of a racer under 18 years of age. In this case, we require the legal representative’s written consent.
  3. All sign-ups start at their own risk, including racing ready.
  4. The organizer is not responsible for damage to health and property incurred by participants in connection with the race.
  5. The competitor must be equipped with a helmet that must be fitted to the head during the entire race
  6. Starting numbers are up to the end of the race by the organizer’s property, must not be damaged and edited, are bound to the application and are not transferable to another person.
  7. The race takes place in full road traffic.
  8. The participant is required to comply with road traffic regulations, police instructions, arbitrators and organizers.
  9. The route of the race leads through the protected area, so the participant is obliged to behave with respect to the nature and its inhabitants.
  10. Waste is good to throw in prepared plastic bags and so do not pollute the environment. During the race, take the covers with the used gels and sticks with you. Allowed ejection is in the refreshment zone.
  11. Only competitors who cross the track, including all track checks with an electronic chip located on the front fork of the bicycle, will be classified.
  12. Protests may be filed in writing as soon as they arrive at the destination, but no later than 26 May 2018 – 16:00. At the € 30 deposit office, which in the event of a protest is forfeited in favor of the organizer.
  13. If the race could not be carried out due to a natural disaster, an epidemic or a state of emergency, the start-up does not return to the participant.
  14. The Subscriber as well as the legal representative, by their signature, acknowledge the responsibility of the competitor / participant in the race / for damage caused to the property or to health towards third parties and to the damage to health and property caused by himself / herself!
  15. Winners of races / raffle winners who are not personally present at prize / draw raffles lose their claim to prize / prize in raffle.
  16. The participant of the event notes that during the race there will be a photo service of the partner of the event. At the same time, he agrees to send an e-mail from the partner of the event referring to the photographs taken. This approval is valid for a maximum of 15 days after the end of the event.

The competitor is aware that, by signing it at the presentation just before the start of the race, he agrees that he is acquainted with and agrees with the terms and conditions in this form at points 1-16.

Your CYKLO SPIŠ team is looking forward to your participation.